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The highest level Natural Angus Beef.

  • Born, Raised, and Processed in the USA
  • Always Grass-Fed and Corn-Finished
  • No antibiotics ever administered

To get the best quality beef, you need have a higher standard product.

Exclusive Source

  • Our cattle are supplied by The Green Acres Ranch, Camp County, Texas.
  • This exclusive arrangement provides Aria with a yearly, programmable supply of cattle.

Genetic Attributes

  • Our cattle are selected for predominant Angus genetics.
  • There is allowable cross breeding with English Heritage Breeds.

Environment and Feeding Protocols

  • Grass-Fed/Corn-finished.
  • Raised on privately held, small, ranching facilities
  • No antibiotics ever administered
  • No artificial growth promotants ever used
  • No time-released implants
  • A true never, ever program to promote cattle health and natural maturity


  • Available in USDA Prime and choice grades

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